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About Us

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The San Francisco Breakfast Club was founded by four women who, in the early 1930s, started to regularly meet for breakfast on the 2nd Sunday of every month at one of the fine hotels in San Francisco. More and more women joined and by 1938 it had become so popular that the group decided to organize itself into a Club. A Board of Directors was formed, Bylaws were created and the “The San Francisco Women’s Breakfast Club” was born. The first breakfast meeting under this name was held at the Palace Hotel in May 1938.

The Club has continued this monthly social gathering on the 2nd Sunday of the month to this day, albeit it morphed into an elegant luncheon. Entertainment and a raffle were added; those with birthdays get to sit at a special birthday table, and in the early part of the new millennium the Club started to welcome men as members. The name was changed to “The San Francisco Breakfast Club”.

The Club is a not-for-profit organization and is run by volunteer members. No membership fees are assessed. A member, however, is required to attend 6 luncheons during the year to remain in good standing. Members are welcome to bring guests. The attire is business to elegant. Men are required to wear jacket and tie. Women are encouraged to wear fashionable hats.

Club members usually decorate the venue with a special theme for the month. The entertainment is mostly a musical performance, but also dancers, authors, magicians, humorists and interesting speakers are featured.

The Club holds special events such as a “Summer Fest” in July, an outing to a restaurant outside of San Francisco, New Members Tea, a Fashion Show and Presidents Day, where past presidents of the Club are honored.

To become a member one has to be sponsored by an active member and attend 3 out of 6 luncheons before the Board of Directors votes on a prospective member’s admittance to the Club.

For more information, send an inquiry to info@sfbreakfastclub.com.